The Pima County Democratic Party Executive Committee fully supports Proposition 205, the Tucson Families Free & Together initiative. For too long, people in our community without documentation have lived in fear that engaging in the daily activities most of us take for granted could lead to detention and deportation. All of our community should be able to engage fully in daily life like going to the grocery store, having a job, and driving kids to school without the fear of traumatic family separation.

Local law enforcement should never engage in federal immigration enforcement. Cities that have a clear separation between local police and federal immigration enforcement create trust between immigrant communities and police, which makes those cities safer for everyone. We appreciate the progress our city and the Tucson Police Department have made in separating the duties of local policing from federal immigration enforcement. Prop 205 expands on those protections and enshrines them into law.

More than anything, as Democrats, we want to send a message to our immigrant community that we value them, we see their struggle and that they can count on us to fight for their rights, regardless of immigration status. We know Tucson is a welcoming city.

We strongly encourage you to vote “Yes” on Prop 205 to translate that spirit of Tucson into meaningful, lawful protections. 


Members of the Pima County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Ciara Carnes

Adam Ragan

Maya Holliday

Phil Lopes

Zoey Fife

Gabriella Cazares Kelly

Marion Chubon

Eva Carillo Dong

Eve Shapiro

Joel Feinman

Bonnie Heidler

Miriam Lindmeier

Marietta Martin

Nathan Davis

Paul Stapleton Smith

Genesis Cubillas

Betts Putnam-Hidalgo