I am proud to represent Tucson in the Arizona House of Representatives. However, I am not proud that ten years ago, the Legislature passed the anti-immigrant bill known as SB 1070 – the law that requires police to demand “papers” of those who may be in the country without authorization.

​At the time, Tucsonans proudly stood up against this law. For example, then-Sheriff Clarence Dupnik explained the negative effects of SB 1070: “those who look suspiciously like illegal immigrants will find their liberty in severe jeopardy – even if they are citizens or have lived, worked, paid taxes.” Days after SB 1070 became law, a Tucson police officer sued to stop it, saying it would require him and his fellow officers to “violate the rights of Latinos and Latinas as well as minors and school children.”

​SB 1070 was also bad for business. According to one study, 100,000 Latinos left Arizona in the months following the law’s passage. These were 100,000 Arizona workers, shoppers, and taxpayers. Families were forced to hide, and Arizona made national headlines for our anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

We cannot allow further division of our neighbors and loved ones – that’s why I’m supporting ​Proposition 205. Proposition 205 is a citizen-led effort. It is the community’s legal and moral response to harmful policies at the state and federal level that send a message that we are not an inclusive, immigrant-welcoming community. I was born and raised in Tucson, and I know that our values include taking care of each other – that’s why I encourage you to vote YES on 205.

Andres Cano

Democratic State Representative, Legislative District 3