The Pima Area Labor Federation is committed to protecting immigrants’ civil rights, including those of undocumented workers and their families in our community. Throughout history, our rights have been under constant attack. Across this country and in every community, in the workplace, at the ballot box, and in the home, our civil rights and dignity have been fought for and won by ordinary people coming together and refusing to accept injustice wherever it occurs.

We recognize the inseparable connection of workers’ rights and immigrants’ rights.

This Initiative advances the goals of what has truly become a civil rights struggle of our time.

When we encounter racism, profiling, bigotry and policies that create a fear of our own police, we must take concrete action. We must defend and uphold the civil rights and dignity of all Tucsonans, regardless of status. It is in this spirit that we fully endorse and support the Tucson Families Free & Together initiative, and urge you to vote Yes on Proposition 205. The time to act is now.

The Pima Area Labor Federation represents union members and their families across southern Arizona. We represent 21 unions, our allied and constituency groups and 32 community partners. We fight, advocate, and collectively work for the interests of our poor, working families, veterans, and seniors in our communities.

Paul Stapleton-Smith, Chair

Pima Area Labor Federation