As pediatricians in Tucson, we support the advocacy of the American Academy of Pediatrics which is dedicated to the health and well being of all children—no matter where they or their parents were born. Currently, one in four children in the U.S. are part of an immigrant family.

We support Proposition 205 because we know first hand the trauma caused to children from the fear associated with living undocumented or with family members who are undocumented. We understand that this stress can harm the developing brain and negatively impact short- and long-term health.

Providing safe communities to all children promotes health. Families make their lives small when they know that simple interactions with police put them at risk for family separation. They avoid accessing the health care they need or reaching out for help from the local police if they experience domestic violence or are the victim of a crime . 

Additionally,  many studies show that pregnant women delay seeking prenatal care due to fear of intervention from caregivers and police. This is especially true for teen mothers. This puts the pregnancies and the health of mothers and babies at risk. 

Providing policy protections works. A recent study showed that immigrant children whose mothers were protected from deportation by DACA had 50% fewer diagnoses of adjustment and anxiety disorder than children with mothers who were not protected.

 We support Proposition 205 because we know that it will send a strong message to immigrant  families that Tucson is committed to their well being and safety. The provisions in Prop 205 work to build a community where all  children can thrive.

Dr. Eve Shapiro, Pediatrician

Dr. Gretchen Hull, Pediatrician

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